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Education & Training

There are two categories of training program: "initial education and training", and "continuing education and training" sessions.

Inital Education and Training for Registration as Radiation Workers

Initial education and training sessions are held every three months in April, August, October, and January.

The law requires inexperienced people to complete this education and training session in order to be registered as radiation workers.

We start accepting applications one month before each training session.
Please apply from the TOP Menu.

Category  What you use or handle 
  A œUnsealed radioisotopes (Radioisotopes as a chemical substance in an unsealed condition)
  B œKEK, Spring8, JAERI, NIRS, and IPCR
@ External@facilities,such as

œOther radiation generators, synchrotron radiation source,
@ and sealed radioisotopes.

œX-ray,NMR,and other appratuses in controlled areas.
  C œX-ray apparatus with voltages below 1 MV outside of controlled areas.

œSealed radiation sources not controlled by The Law Concerning Prevention of Radiation Hazards.

If you are not sure for which category you should apply , or have previously engaged in radiation or X-ray handing work at other unirersition and / or research institues, please contact us atinquiry@ric.titech.ac.jp

The law requires these lectures to be given for prescrihed time with prescribed contents. Late arrival and /or early dismissal are not permitted. You must attend the lecture prior to attending the hands-on course.

Continuing Education and Training to Continue Radiation Work

Continuing education and training sessions are held in every May year for those wishing to continue radiation work.

This education and training program is for those who has already been registered as radiation workers, and wish to continue same jobs this year. The law requires radiation workers to participatie this program to retrain each year.
Coutinuing Education and Training not mandatory in Category C.

Those who have not taken part in education and training sessions for more than one year, or who have worked in this category in an external facility must contact us in advance.

X-Ray Apparatus with Tube Voltages Less than 1 MV outside Controlled Areas

For those intending to work with X-ray apparatus with a voltage less than 1 MV (Category C), education and training sessions are held every six months in April and October .

In category C, you need to take the lecture only once.;
There is no need tobe enrolled in education and training there after.

Category C users, who only handle X-ray apparatus outside controll areas,
do not need to undergo special medical checkup.

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