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Special Medical Checkup on Hazards

Before entering a controlled area for the first time, you need to undergo special medical checkup on radiation hazards.

If you use only handling X-ray apparatus with a voltage less than 1 MV outside the controlled area, you do not need to undergo this checkup.

Under the provisions of the "Ordinance on Prevention of Ionizing Radiation Hazards", you must undergo this checkup every six months after entering every controlled area. At Tokyo Tech, this checkup at the Helth service ceuter is available every six month in April and October. If you wish to are undergo this checkup for the first time, please apply in advance.
This checkup differs from "general medical checkup",which is not applicable to radiation work.

Note ‡T

If you have receiveda special checkup for the first time, yuor name is on the list for notification of the next checkup. However, If you fail to take the next checkup, your name on the list will be deleted.

Contact Infomation


You need to apply for the special medical screening in advance. Please contact :
If you are a staff: Staff Medical Examinations (Ext. 7186).
Email: shoku.kenshin@jim.titech.ac.jp

If you are a student: Health Service Center (Ookayama) (Ext. 2057)
Email: hoken.kenshin@jim.titech.ac.jp

If you have already failed to take your required checkup in April or October because of a business trip or for other reasons, please contact us.
If you are use radioisotopes, please take the special checkup every six months.


If you could not get the special checkup at the Helth Service Center, you may do it at a hospital outside Tokyo Tech. Becouse some tests itemes are not covered in general medical checkups, please make sure to inform your medical institution that you will use radioisotopes and the checkup must include special items listed below:

  Procedure  Inspetion items
 Medical Interview  Radiation Exposure - Yes / No

If your answer is gyes,h you will be asked where you worked, what kind of work you did and over what period, how much exposure you had, whether you have experienced radiation damage or not, and how the radiation exposure occurred.
 Medical Checkups and
 A) Hemoglobin content or hematocrit, red-cell count, white-cell count, and leukocyte classification in peripheral blood.

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